1st Quarter newsletter 2024

Despite ongoing efforts, sexual and gender-based violence continues to plague our communities, affecting women and girls disproportionately. Our organization is committed to addressing this urgent issue head-on, advocating for survivor support, education, and systemic change.

International Women's Day Commemoration

On March 8th, we stood in solidarity with women worldwide to commemorate International Women’s Day. A total of 153 women and teenage mothers in Zvimba rural District, joined us for a day filled with empowerment, education, and celebration. We partnered with esteemed organizations, including Population Services Zimbabwe, Cycle Health Zimbabwe, Population Solution for Health, and Lake Chivero Government Secondary School.

Focus on Holistic Well-Being

During the event, we emphasized the importance of healthy lifestyles for women. Activities like Zumba, music, and dancing brought joy and vitality to the gathering. But beyond the festivities, we provided essential health services to our attendees. These services included: Family Planning: Ensuring women have access to reproductive health choices.Cervical Cancer Screening: Detecting and preventing this silent threat. Menstrual Hygiene: Empowering women with knowledge and resources.

One-on-One Counseling

We continue to offer personalized counseling services to survivors. Our compassionate team provides a safe space for healing, validation, and empowerment. Together, we break the silence and dismantle the barriers that perpetuate violence. On the day they had a chance to have one on one councelling sessions

Our Evolving Role

Our commitment to combat sexual and gender-based violence extends beyond awareness. It is woven into the fabric of all our programs. The stories shared by survivors have shaped our services, prompting us to evolve into a fully-fledged organization. We recognize that many women and girls face violence from a young age, especially in marginalized communities. The long journeys they undertake for basic necessities like water and firewood often expose them to danger. Rape and violence persist, yet intervention remains inadequate.

Upcoming Initiatives

Teen Mothers Empowerment Program: Starting on April 15th 2024, we aim to equip young mothers with skills, knowledge, and confidence. We invite all well-wishers to support this initiative through financial contributions or donations of project materials such as sewing machines and daycare equipment.
Home Sweet Home Construction Project: Our dream of a permanent haven for survivors is taking shape. With your continued support, we will build a sanctuary where healing and hope flourish. There is still need of the construction materials for our home.

Thank you for standing with us. Together, we create ripples of change, turning pain into power and fear into resilience. Let us keep the conversation alive, amplifying the voices of those who need it most.

With love and determination

Precious Hearts Haven

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