1st Quarter newsletter 2024

Despite ongoing efforts, sexual and gender-based violence continues to plague our communities, affecting women and girls disproportionately. Our organization is committed to addressing this urgent issue head-on, advocating for survivor support, education, and systemic change. International Women’s Day Commemoration On March 8th, we stood in solidarity with women worldwide to commemorate International Women’s Day. A […]

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Newsletter 2 / 2022

“No abusive behavior should be rationalized for the sake of keeping things together in a relationship”  In a world of lookalike voluntary organizations, Precious Hearts Haven has been able to live up to its core objectives and mandate to reduce the abuse of women and girls in marginalized communities and societies in Zimbabwe. Of late

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Women celebrating International Women's Day

Newsletter 1 / 2022

“There is a hidden pandemic raging among us. It’s called sexual and gender based violence” From the time the founder of Precious Hearts Haven arrived back in Zimbabwe, from the kanthari leadership for social change program, the organization has been receiving an increase in the number of beneficiaries. The beneficiaries include victims and survivors of

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