Our confidential services are offered free of charge to women and girls who are victims and survivors of gender-based violence. We believe that every woman is precious and needs to be protected from any harm. Women, survivors of abuse has right to a safe environment and capability to self determine their abuse free future.


To see women and girls who are survivors of sexual and gender-based violence rising with resilience and able to move beyond abuse to be victors.


Precious Hearts Haven (PHeHa) is working towards reducing and eliminating sexual and gender-based violence against women and girls from marginalized rural communities in Zimbabwe. We rescue and give temporary accommodation, legal advice, counseling services, and skills training.


  • Safety is our core value and highest priority. We strive to maintain a safe environment free from violence and discrimination
  • Trust is the foundation of the relationship between us and our beneficiaries, teammates, and our partners. We have confidence that we are in this together and we trust each other.
  • Support: We believe social support is the key element of mental health and physical wellness
  • Accessible we welcome all women regardless of their story and ensure they are safe from any harm or abuse.
  • Advocacy we support the views of women’s rights, allow them to be heard and we are a voice to the voiceless. Precious Hearts Haven is committed to identifying barriers to women’s freedom and advocating for change.
Our services
Rescuing and Temporary safe space

One of the reason most abused women do not speak out is because they do not know were to run to, instead they end up suffering alone silently. We are going to  help them out of danger and give them temporary accommodation .

Counselling services, psycho social support, legal  advice and self defense skills
  • Most abused women and girls go through depression , trauma and some even try to end their  lives because they have lost hope in life. Their self esteem has been shattered.
  • We help survivors to overcome trauma  through the services we provide them

Skills Training



Once women are empowered to take their lives in their own hands, we offer them an intense training on Business leadership skills. Thus being independent, self reliant human beings.