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Rev Mr and Mrs Madi

In January, we started our initiative of involving all necessary stakeholders in joining hands to work together in nending sexual and gender based violence against women and girls.

We started with few religious leaders from Harare and Chegutu. We had an opportunity to  with three of them namely Rev Mr and Mrs Madi, Pastor Mrs Rusero and Pastor E. Jonathan.

Precious Hearts Haven had an opportunity to participate in a girls mental wellness workshop held in Norton. We had a chance to teach girls on red flags they should watch out for in relationships and families.

Girls being taught about red flags of abuse
Child rights Coliation workshop

We had an opportunity to be represented at the child rights coalition workshop, where organizations were coming together to map the best ways to protect children in Zimbabwe.

 We had a successful Mavambo project an ongoing sensitization workshop, where we use cooking and ingredients as methods of starting conversation on sexual and gender-based violence issues. 26 women benefited directly from this workshop.

Zvimba women celebrating during Mavambo project
Girls and young women receiving sanitary pads

On the 2nd of April, we took part in distributing sanitary pads to 80 vulnerable and disabled young women and girls in Harare.